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    Sara Davis (Friday, 29 March 2013 14:56)

    I had a full reading from Alea Dawn the other day, it was one of the most amazing and eye opening readings I have ever had! She has opened my eyes and things I have been feeling were confirmed in a big way for me!! I am still in awe! She knew things I have never told anyone EVER! I highly recommend a reading of any kind from her!! Sara Davis

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    Ema Alexandra (Friday, 29 March 2013 15:46)

    Dawn is extremely gifted. I'm a very private person. I like to keep certain things to myself. Wouldn't you know that's the first thing Dawn pulled out. She was so on point I didn't know how to respond. She's an amazing woman and I highly recommend her. ~ xoxo

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    Cheryl Peterson (Wednesday, 05 June 2013 18:50)

    Alea Dawn is the best Medium I have ever consulted. Her readings are full of helpful and healing information which she delivers with the softest energy and most caring manner. I would never hesitate to recommend her services to anyone! Just the very best.

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Testimonials Transferred from Awakening the Dawn!

 Your psychic abilities and information lifted my "spirit" and left me so grateful to be able to talk with you!

Ava Malinovsky



I really wanted to thank you again for our session today. I didn't tell you, but prior to our session I made a list of 8 things only my Mom would know about, and you hit directly on 7 of those. I am just amazed, you were so wonderful! I raved about you on facebook, and sent several people your way. I cannot thank you enough! Hope you have a wonderful evening! I will be contacting you shortly for a tarot reading. Thanks Alea :)

Crystal Marshburn


Oct. 31, 2012 I want to thank you for the reading you gave me. I feel so comforted to know my loved ones are together and going on and are there for me and watch over me. And I just had a few things still working on in there but i know this will come in time. But so thankful to you and your understanding and patients of my hearing and the way we did it I know was not easy for you and meant a lot to me that you were able to do it this way. You have helped me more then you know since too. I think your a beautiful soul and my Angel and friend and thank you so very much for all your help. Any one that is on the fence with Alea ,don't be... she is the real deal and she will not disappoint you . Have a wonderful day and will be returning as I have a lot more to find out . Thank you so much again .xoxo

Sonja Kloberdans

I'am so very grateful to you Alea


You're on top of the game. Thanks for shairng.



Wanted to thank you for last night's reading. I have shared it with my sons and we are all reeling from the evidence you brought forth. Thanks Again!

Donna Lehr



This is my second reading with Dawn. She offered more information than I asked for. How generous! This information really brought a smile to my face. Impressed again!

Ava Malinovsky


Thank you for the amazing reading..I was really surprised at some of the people who came through..I would recommend you highly ..Really enjoyed the hour long reading..

Jeanette Dingess

Alea Dawn, I wanted to say Thank U again for connecting w/ my Grandmother on radio the other night ! My mom told me about the TeaPot..and my Grandma collected them...lol I didn't even know that ! And so everything u said was very accurate :) This has brought my mom some peace of mind, as i told her everything u said, she was amazed ! U R a wonderful and very gifted medium ~ And so it is :)

Shyann Madrid


I am in tears! What a beautiful reading I received from you. I can't begin to thank you enough for bringing validation that my mom is still with me. Many blessings sent your way. L&L, Leanne

Leanne Wilder, OH



A wonderful reading, with lots of positive information. Thank you!

Bonnie-Yaeko Rivera

From my etsy site 8/29/11

I received my reading very fast. Excellent, precise and very informative reading. It is greatly appreciated. Wonderful customer service. Highly recommended! :)

Karin Kolpin

From my etsy site 7/27/11


Dawn is so very gifted! Very professional. It was a blessing to have found her. I was deeply touched and I am extremely grateful and impressed by her incredible insight and kind assistance. The reading was received so very quickly, and it was well organized and complete. She thoughtfully and carefully answered all of my questions. Dawn, I can't thank you enough! The experience and knowledge gained will give me positive guidance now and in the future. Finally, just wanted to point out my reading was worth so much more than what I was charged. Definately highly recommend! She even described my late father and gave me guidance from him. I just can't say enough! Thank you again

victoria mcginley

From my etsy site 7/18/11


Dear Dawn, I just have to tell how exactly on point your first card was. Thank you for taking the time to do a reading for me. It gives me reassurance about our already strong relationship

Amanda Jordan


I was extremely amazed with the reading I received from Dawn. She told me things, no one knew but me. My heart was filled with happiness and knowledge. I will definately have Dawn give readings to me in the future. She shows compassion and faith in what she does. Truely satisfied.


Client and Friend


Professional, honest and an extremely gifted medium. Dawn your talents are amazing, your words are inspirational and uplifting. You deliver with confidence and passion and the readings you have given to me have always been spot on, positive and as I say inspirational. I thank you for being a dear friend of mine.

Natalie Hope, UK

I have had many readings from Dawn, and she has read with verve and honesty every time. I truly appreciate the dedication she has to every question, with full understanding that each question being asked is important to her clients. I am a very dedicated client to Dawn. I will continue to return to her in the future. Now even I don't need a psychic to tell me THAT ;)

Sharon Ritchie

Dedicated Client


I purchased the Spirit and Aura reading from Dawn and I am just so amazed at what came through. Dawn picked up my uncle, described him exactly as he was and even saw that my uncle raised me. But what caught my attention is when she mentioned our Yahtzee nights, it was something he and I enjoyed on rainy eves. Also she saw a lot of green around me and here I am just starting an herb garden. Dawn thank you so much very valuable, very pleased and will be very confident in referring you to others.

Jeff Tagliano, LA

Very Pleased